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What will my session be like?

  • To put it simply, it will be FUN! Mark and the staff at Hubbard's put all the focus on YOU during your session. You will be able to talk with Mark before you start about any special requests or concerns you may have. Mark's easygoing manner and sense of humor helps put even the most camera-shy clients at ease. His true professionalism shines as he gently guides you into the most natural poses, while at the same time making it hardly seem you're being photographed at all.

What makes Hubbard's portraits so much better?

  • At Hubbard's we don't just take pictures of seniors, we create art that happens to have seniors in it! Our creativity, innovation, and sense of style, combined with our superior technical abilities, people skills and a strong desire to be the best are all features that set us apart from the rest. 

How long will it take to see my pictures?

  • You will leave your photoshoot with an appointment to view your pictures, approximately 7-10 days after your session. Your final portraits are usually ready in about 4-6 weeks after you've finalized your order (Perfection takes time).

 I want to have my pictures taken later in the year, why should I call now?

  • Our schedule is already filling up FAST. Because we accept a limited number of appointments during the year, it's very important that you schedule yours right now. Every year we have to turn away seniors that waited too long. So dont be disappointed- call today!